Given @windows? a : b, do a on Windows and b elsewhere. See documentation for Handling Platform Variations in the Calling C and Fortran Code section of the manual.


In Julia, there is no built-in @windows function. However, you can achieve similar functionality using conditional statements based on the operating system. Here's an example of how you can handle platform variations in your code:

function my_function()
    if Sys.iswindows()
        # Code to execute on Windows
        println("Running on Windows")
        # ...
        # Code to execute on other platforms
        println("Running on a non-Windows platform")
        # ...

# Usage

By using Sys.iswindows(), you can conditionally execute specific code depending on whether the current operating system is Windows or not. You can replace the placeholder code (# ...) with your actual implementation.

Please note that the provided code does not provide the exact functionality of the @windows function you mentioned. However, it allows you to execute different code based on the operating system, achieving a similar outcome.

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