edit(::Function, types=?)

edit(function, [types])

Edit the definition of a function, optionally specifying a tuple of types to indicate which method to edit.


julia> edit("path/to/file.txt")

This example opens the file located at "path/to/file.txt" for editing. When you finish editing and quit the editor, it will return to the Julia prompt.

julia> edit("path/to/file.txt", 10)

In this example, the file "path/to/file.txt" is opened for editing, and it jumps to line 10 in the file. After editing and quitting the editor, it returns to the Julia prompt.

Common mistake example:

julia> edit(123)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching edit(::Int64)

In this example, the edit() function is called with an invalid argument. The edit() function expects a string representing the file path and an optional line number. Make sure to provide the correct arguments when using the edit() function.

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