popdisplay() popdisplay(d::Display)

Pop the topmost backend off of the display-backend stack, or the topmost copy of d in the second variant.


In the Julia programming language, the popdisplay() function is used to remove the topmost backend from the display-backend stack or the topmost copy of a specific display.

  1. Remove the topmost backend from the stack:

    julia> popdisplay()
  2. Remove the topmost copy of a specific display:
    julia> d = display("Hello, Julia!")
    julia> popdisplay(d)

Common mistake example:

julia> popdisplay(123)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching popdisplay(::Int64)

In this example, an integer (123) is provided as an argument to popdisplay(), which is not a valid argument. The function expects a Display object or no argument at all. Make sure to pass a valid Display object to the function.

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