powermod(x, p, m)

Compute $x^p \pmod m$.


The powermod(x, p, m) function in Julia is used to compute the modular exponentiation of x^p modulo m.

julia> powermod(2, 3, 5)

This example calculates 2^3 mod 5, which evaluates to 3.

julia> powermod(5, 4, 7)

In this example, 5^4 mod 7 is computed, resulting in 2.

julia> powermod(10, 0, 3)

The function can handle the case when the exponent is 0. In this example, 10^0 mod 3 yields 1.

Common mistake example:

julia> powermod(2, -1, 4)
ERROR: DomainError("exponent must be non-negative")

In this case, an error is raised because the provided exponent -1 is negative. It's important to ensure that the exponent is a non-negative integer when using the powermod function.

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