Remainder after division, returning in the range (0,m]


rem1(x, m)

Compute the remainder after dividing x by m, returning a value within the range (0, m].

julia> rem1(10, 3)

julia> rem1(-5, 7)

Examples of how to use the rem1 function:

  1. Calculate the remainder after division:

    julia> rem1(20, 6)

    This example calculates the remainder when dividing 20 by 6.

  2. Handle negative numbers:

    julia> rem1(-12, 5)

    The rem1 function handles negative numbers correctly and returns the remainder within the specified range.

  3. Ensure the remainder is within the specified range:
    julia> rem1(25, 7)

    Regardless of the value of x, the rem1 function always returns a remainder that lies within the range (0, m].

Common mistake example:

julia> rem1(10, -3)
ERROR: DomainError: The divisor provided to rem1 must be positive.

In this example, a negative divisor is provided to the rem1 function. The divisor must be positive for the function to work correctly. Make sure to provide a positive value for m to avoid such errors.

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