Byte-swap an integer


In the Julia programming language, the function bswap(n) is used to byte-swap an integer n.

julia> bswap(0x12345678)

Here are some common examples of using the bswap function:

  1. Byte swap an integer:

    julia> bswap(12345)

    This example byte-swaps the integer 12345 resulting in 48629.

  2. Byte swap a hexadecimal number:

    julia> bswap(0xABCD)

    It byte-swaps the hexadecimal number 0xABCD to 0xCDAB.

  3. Byte swap a negative number:
    julia> bswap(-9876)

    It byte-swaps the negative number -9876 resulting in -1124030976.

Common mistake example:

julia> bswap(3.14)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching bswap(::Float64)

In this example, the bswap function expects an integer argument, but a floating-point number 3.14 is provided. Make sure to pass an integer to the bswap function to avoid such errors.

See Also

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