Determine whether a RemoteRef has a value stored to it. Note that this function can cause race conditions, since by the time you receive its result it may no longer be true. It is recommended that this function only be used on a RemoteRef that is assigned once.

If the argument RemoteRef is owned by a different node, this call will block to wait for the answer. It is recommended to wait for r in a separate task instead, or to use a local RemoteRef as a proxy:

rr = RemoteRef()
@async put!(rr, remotecall_fetch(long_computation, p))
isready(rr)  # will not block


See Also

accept, bind, :@spawn, connect, fetch, getaddrinfo, gethostname, getipaddr, getsockname, init_worker, IPv4, IPv6, isready, issocket, kill, listen, recv, recvfrom, remotecall, remotecall_fetch, remotecall_wait, RemoteRef, send, setopt,

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