split(string, [chars]; limit=0, keep=true)

Return an array of substrings by splitting the given string on occurrences of the given character delimiters, which may be specified in any of the formats allowed by search's second argument (i.e. a single character, collection of characters, string, or regular expression). If chars is omitted, it defaults to the set of all space characters, and keep is taken to be false. The two keyword arguments are optional: they are are a maximum size for the result and a flag determining whether empty fields should be kept in the result.


See Also

ascii, base64decode, Base64DecodePipe, base64encode, Base64EncodePipe, bin, bits, bytestring, charwidth, chomp, chop, chr2ind, contains, endswith, escape_string, graphemes, ind2chr, iscntrl, istext, isupper, isvalid, join, lcfirst, lowercase, lpad, lstrip, normalize_string, num2hex, parseip, randstring, readuntil, replace, repr, rpad, rsplit, rstrip, search, searchindex, split, startswith, string, stringmime, strip, strwidth, summary, takebuf_string, ucfirst, unescape_string, uppercase, utf16, utf32, utf8, wstring,

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